B-BBEE Consulting

More and more companies are prioritizing the need for transformation in their businesses but need expert guidance, knowledge and support to progress effectively on their journey and to translate this into a favourable B-BBEE scorecard.

We believe that a strategic and integrated approach is required to achieve and to maintain a good B-BBEE scorecard. Once achieved, strategies need to be in place to maintain or improve the scorecard.

  • We offer deep knowledge and B-BBEE expertise across all industries. As the field of B-BBEE is still relatively fluid, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with legislation and work closely with a number of verification rating agencies nationally to ensure that we stay on top of the latest interpretations.
  • We understand and approach B-BBEE from various perspectives including a business, legal and people perspective. Our background and experience in business strategy, human resources and labour law is a distinct advantage.
  • We go beyond simply arms-length advising and ‘ticking the boxes’. We take a partnering approach and are ‘hands-on’ and involved in the implementation of B-BBEE and transformation solutions.
  • We make an effort to really understand our client’s business and provide solutions that are appropriate, practical and make business sense.
  • We follow a partnering philosophy and have a wide referral network. This helps us to be innovative and find the best possible solutions and offer excellent service.
  • Preparation of the B-BBEE file for submission for verification and assistance throughout the process.
  • Gaining an understanding of the company’s objectives.
  • Gathering of information and calculation of a “present state” indicative scorecard for analysis purposes.
  • Gap Analysis to identify opportunities to improve the B-BBEE scorecard and meet the company’s objectives.
  • B-BBEE Planning and strategizing with the client.
  • Implementation, regular monitoring and re-strategising where necessary
  • Integration with Skills Development and Employment Equity plans, reports and strategies.
  • Collation of evidence in electronic format along the way to avoid a big rush at the end of the financial period.
  • Coordination of verification process at the end of the financial period.
  • Final collation of electronic data and submission to verification rating agency.
  • Representation at the on-site verification and through-out the process until certification.

Our ‘hands-on’ approach to B-BBEE:

Where appropriate, we can recommend various strategies and opportunities to address the ownership element of the scorecard in compliance with the spirit of the legislation. Where this involves the drafting of agreements or Trust Deed’s for Employee Share Ownership Schemes or Broad-Based Ownership schemes, our legal partners SSA are able to assist.

Management Control:
In addition to making recommendations regarding the structure of the Board of Directors, we reassess employment levels in line with job content, decision-making responsibility and salary levels as well as ensuring that employment contracts and supporting documentation are in place. Critically, we also ensure that our clients are compliant with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act and take them through the implementation, consulting, planning, and reporting process where required.

Skills Development:
Where required, we assist our clients as their external Skills Development Facilitator and ensure that they are compliant with the provisions of the Skills Development Act and submit an annual Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report to their SETA annually. In addition, we make recommendations regarding appropriate training providers and learning institutions, establish appropriate learnership, assist with recruitment of interns and ensure that the correct documentation is in place as supporting evidence.

We assist our clients to understand their procurement scorecard and brainstorm strategies to improve their scorecard where necessary. Furthermore, we maintain an extensive database of B-BBEE certificates and assist our clients to source certificates where necessary.

Supplier, enterprise and socio-economic development programmes:
We collaborate with our clients to develop appropriate supplier, enterprise and socio-economic development programmes and draft all the necessary contracts, documentation and acknowledgements along the way. In addition, we are able to tap into our extensive network to make recommendations as to appropriate organisations to partner with where necessary.

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